Welcome to the A&M Models Co.

We are a new company but with more than 40 years of experience, devoted exclusively to the production of superior model airplane short kits and plans. All parts are laser cut with great precision and the plans include many nice details. A&M Models Co. is one of very few companies using computer CAD programs in the design and production of our plans and parts. Our plans are neither hand drawn, nor fuzzy photo copies, thereby eliminating many of the associated errors inherent in those old fashioned methods. All of our plans are original designs and they are individually printed on a computer driven plotter. These CAD programs assure a final product that is enormously more accurate than the older production styles using error ridden hand drawn plans

Remember…we are trying to be the very best company, with the very best kits and plans.

Look at for our planes and watch also for our next two models to be coming onto the market quite soon.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to serving you.

Please contact
Alex Guzman at:

by email:   alex.guzman@a-mmodels.com

Please contact Alex Guzman at:
by email: aguzman@myacc.net

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